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Court Referral Program 

The Court-Referred Community Service Program (CRCS) is a fee-based placement program for individuals required by the courts or other agencies to perform community service. Offering community service/volunteer opportunities for individuals as an alternative to paying fines and/or incarceration. We work primarily with the regional courts, probation departments, and other governmental agencies. 

The Volunteer Resource Center's Goals



  • To place people in community service settings for constructive completion of required hours;

  • To provide nonprofits and community-based organizations with valuable volunteers

  • To reduce expenses for government programs which would otherwise need to incorporate increased fines to these individuals.


Once referred to the Volunteer Resource Center, we have participants go through the intake process, then placed with a non-profit, faith-based or civic organization to complete their hours. We handle all of the required paperwork, including a completion letter when hours are finished.



Why Choose Our Volunteer Resource Center's CRCS Program?


We have streamlined the process to make it easy to understand and easy to navigate; resulting in a very high success rate with our volunteer clients. We provide community service monitoring to more than 1000 adults & juveniles each year. Our Volunteer Resource Center offers a variety of placement sites within the East San Gabriel Valley, West San Bernardino County, Greater Pomona & Chino Valley's to complete their assigned community service hours.

Save Time

  • We place participants at our partner organizations that are able to accommodate CRCS volunteer clients.

  • No calling multiple organizations. We give clients placements that work!

Save Money

  • We verify completed hours so that if a participant has finished their required hours, a certified letter of completion is given to them to return to the court.

  • We ensure documents are sent to all appropriate parties in a timely manner to avoid extending court dates.

Benefits Nonprofits and City Agencies

  • Participants are placed based on skill, hours, and location.

  • In the fiscal year 2017, our VRC placed thousands of participants in local nonprofits and city/county agencies, completing more than 12,000 hours of community service. This translates to $$$ saved, based on the value of volunteer time for the non-profit agencies.

Program Registration Fee's 

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